The Psychic Princess is a Chinese donghua series that transports us to the mysterious realm of ancient China. The series takes us to a realm of spirits, ghosts, little people, and demons. We’ve loved season 1, and we’re looking forward to seeing what The Psychic Princess Season 2 has in store. The second season of the Psychic Princess will be fantastic to watch!

The tale is inspired by Chinese Manhwa Tong Ling Fei, which translates to The Imperial Concubine. Season 1 consists of 16 episodes, and the first episode debuted in 2018.

The fans were ecstatic about the show that delves into the strange mysteries of a world we know little of. At the time, it was remarkable and admirable. Donghua and anime have become increasingly significant methods of developing cultural and national identities. The parable-like style of the tales, fairyland, and pulse-pounding action sequences have kept us all waiting for season 2.

The Psychic Princess Season 2 Possible Release Date (Coming Soon)

It’s been more than two years since the first season of the show aired, and the producers have failed to announce anything, despite previously stating that they intend to make a second season.

However, there is currently no indication of when the second season of Psychic Princess will be released. The creators of the series have not yet finalized the release date of the second season, but fans may expect it to be released before the end of 2022.

The show was delayed owing to the pandemic, according to many media outlets, because it was impossible to animate or complete production work during that time. But, as of now, the studio has made no announcement or confirmation, so we can only conjecture. So keep tuned for further information on this topic from us.

The Eldest Daughter

Although the film begins with a shot of the Prime Minister’s daughter, we learn that she is not the eldest child. Prime Minister Qian Xi Yan is a middle-aged beauty who was abandoned in the mountains when she was very young.

She lives inside a cave with her sister and two pet tigers, Chaimong and Raimong, with whom she communicates via sign language. However, one day, the royal family of King Link’s Kingdom discovered her and recognized her talents. They were immediately attracted to her strange and unusual abilities, which made them ashamed of her in their own household.

She could see ghosts, spirits, demons, and other supernatural beings. To be precise, the king of their country has foresworn his wife to marry another man in preparation for war. Now they’re attempting to bring her back so that she can be married off to an enemy prince who is reputed to be cold and unkind. If you’re looking for anything Korean, My Secret Terrius is the place to go.

Quan Xi’s fate

Mr. Qian Xi had a miserable childhood. Her family was supposed to love her but shunned and forced her to flee as she was different. The queen had a bad reputation, and the king wanted to find a way for her to redeem herself. However, he didn’t want anyone else involved in his search for a remedy.

He knew someone who could help him accomplish this task–the hero’s older brother, whom she married after stealing his money. After the wedding, Qian Xi’s luck did not improve much. The other concubines, on the other hand, did not welcome the new woman and made sure Qian Xi was aware of it. The king did not approve of her. He failed to be kind to her after they got married.

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The mutual hatred of You Mean Him

The Prince, Youmein Ye, had been suspicious of Qian Xi from the start. He always thought his new wife was a spy who was simply there to get information. Qian Xi was also strong enough to subsist without depending on others.

She was never typical, and she did not want to follow in His Royal Highness’s footsteps. However, it’s clear that they weren’t quite there yet until the series’ later episodes when it became clear that they were gradually warming up to each other and attempting to figure things out together.

Yu Zemo

He is the Crown Prince of Labuan, brother to Youmein Ye, and the General’s eldest son. He’s a really nice guy with a great personality. At the first glimpse, he was smitten with Qian Xi.

The Psychic Princess Season 2 Expected Plot (Spoilers)

The show’s first season’s plotline will be continued in the second season. The plot of Psychic Princess follows Qian Yun Xi, a young girl named Qian Yun Xi. She is the country’s eldest daughter and the country’s prime minister’s eldest daughter.

Her father banished her to the Ling Yun mountains at the age of eight since she was born with extraordinary abilities. When she reaches the age of 16, she learns that her father has already arranged for her to marry prince Ye You Ming. Prince is a harsh man who also happens to be her father’s adversary. She accepts to marry him in order to save her younger sister.

The plot then shifts to Prince Ye and Qian Yunxi. Prince Ye despises the Queen and sends him to a spooky home to terrify her. There are plenty of additional situations between these two that are simply amusing to watch. When it’s revealed that Princess possesses psychic abilities, things get even worse.

In the season’s climax, we see how Psychic Princess’s younger sister brings a Taoist master with her to evict the ghosts that had taken up residence in the palace. When Qian Yunxi sees all of this, he intervenes and nullifies all of the Taoist master’s spells. The Psychic Princess is so fascinated by the Taoist teacher that he begs her to be his disciple. Prince Ye, on the other hand, enters the scene and declares that Qian Yun Xi is solely his and no one else’s.

The Psychic Princess Season 2 Cast & Character

Psychic Princess Qian Yunxi’s husband is Ye You Ming. Our prince charming is described as vicious and evil, yet it is later proven that he has other sides. He is usually suspicious of the princess’ motivations.

Isn’t Rice Ball the spirit that has constantly accompanied Qian Yunxi since Mt. Lin Yun? Sesame Seed: he has a shady reputation. To begin with, he is described as a ghost that haunts the castle where Yun Xi is staying. He later becomes YunXi’s friend. There are many more characters, but it is best if you explore them on your own because it will be more intriguing.

How Many Episodes of Psychic Princess Are There?

The answer to the question is that there are a total of 16 episodes. The first episode aired on November 30, 2018, and the last episode aired on April 19, 2019. Psychic Princess is an anime series created by Studio Pierrot and directed by Masahiko Murata.

The series follows Miho Amakata who can predict future events with her psychic abilities and how she uses them to help others in need. This question is not as easy to answer as you might think. There are no official numbers of episodes, but it is estimated that there are around 16 episodes.

What Happens Psychic Princess?

Psychic Princess is a story of a girl who was born with the gift of clairvoyance. She has the power to see into the future, but she just wants to be normal and live a normal life. She meets a boy named Peter and falls in love with him. One day, she visits his house and sees that he is not at home – he has been kidnapped. She goes on an adventure to find him and save him from being killed by his kidnapper – The Dark Lord.

The story ends with her rescuing him, but her future still remains uncertain as she doesn’t know what will happen next in her life. Psychic Princess is a fantasy novel about a girl who has the power to connect with the dead, and she uses this power to help people find closure. The protagonist of Psychic Princess is a young girl named Katie.

Her family has been cursed with the ability to see ghosts, but they are not allowed to talk about it. Katie’s father is worried that someone will take away their ability to see ghosts if they speak out. Katie’s father died when she was young and her mother died when she was twelve years old, so she never got the chance to say goodbye.

The story starts when Katie is seventeen years old and on her first day of college at an all-girls school in New York City. It’s also the day that one of her friends dies in an accident on campus. The story of Psychic Princess is about a princess who is worried about the state of her kingdom.

The kingdom has been suffering from a drought and famine for many years, but the princess can’t do anything to change it. She’s tired of being powerless and watching her people suffer. In this story, the heroine decides to go on a quest for answers in order to find out how she can help her people.

She goes on a journey where she meets many different characters along the way that teach her how to use magic, heal others, and be more powerful than she ever thought possible. The story ends with the heroine realizing that there are always more than one ways to solve problems in life and that sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands and make changes happen yourself!

The Psychic Princess Season 2 Trailer

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Where to Watch Online?

The English Dub of The Psychic Princess Season 1 is available on Crunchyroll . If you’re looking for another streamer to watch your favorite anime on, you might want to check out Netflix or Hulu.

Frequently Ask Question About The Psychic Princess Season 2 (FAQ)

  1. Will there be a 2nd season of Psychic Princess?

    A new season requires a lot of time, energy, and a strong plot. There have been rumors from different sources about the new season under production. However, we cannot say anything for sure. The good thing is that Psychic Princess season 2 isn't canceled by the producers and directors.

  2. Will there be a season 2 of Psychic Princess on Crunchyroll?

    Psychic Princess Season 2 is the sequel to the popular anime series Psychic Princess. Psychic Princess was first released in November 30, 2018 and was an instant hit with its light-hearted and humorous tone. Psychic Princess is a romantic comedy about a woman who can see the future and a man who wants to change it

  3. Who does she end up with in Psychic Princess?

    She is currently the consort of  Lord Ye Wang .

  4. How many Episodes does Psychic Princess have?

    The donghua adaptation of Psychic Princess Tong Ling Fei has 16 episodes with one episode having 21 minutes.

  5. Will there be a season 2 of Meng Qi Shi Shen?

    Season 2 of Meng Qi Shi Shen delivers more fun food adventures with the introduction of new characters and even more mouth-watering food scenes. The story continues by focusing on the female lead's food adventures and her career as a rising chef in this world, which I really enjoyed.