From Release Dates and Announcements to Sales and Online Reactions. This is Everything You Need To Know About Prison School Season 2. Prison School or ‘Kangoku Gakuen’, is an anime adaptation of a manga of the same name.

The series is directed by Mizushima Tsutomu, who is also responsible for directing Another and Shirobako. The animation was put in the hands of J. C. Staff Studios. This studio is also the one that handled Toradora, Food Wars, DanMachi, and One Punch Man (Season 2).

It premiered back in the summer of 2015 and consisted of 12 episodes. The anime aired from Jul 11, 2015, to Sep 26, 2015.

The hit Prison School was able to garner quite a lot of positive ratings & reviews after its first season with a 7.62/10 based on over 542,525 votes. That’s some really great news for fans because it means that the possibility of a second season is even higher. But are we getting a second season? 

The Storyline of Prison School?

The story is set in Hachimitsu Private Academy situated near the outskirts of Tokyo. This recognized and respected girls-only school is quite popular for its academics and discipline. However, things are about to take a new direction since amendments occur. The school that had a place for none but girls is starting to accept boys now.

Initially, they start with just 5 boys. Kiyoshi, Gakuto, Shingo, Andre, and Jo are the chosen ones. Now in a school where boys were never seen before, these guys are left out almost immediately.

With the unapproachable nature, these guys make a decision that would define their school life. They decided to peek into Girl’s Bath! Oh yeah! 500 IQ confirmed. Needless to say, the plan went as perfectly as your maths exams.

They get caught by the Underground Student Council. This council is known for its treatment. Thus, with the intent to punish the boys for their actions, the Underground Student Council put them in a prison for 1 month.

Thereon begins the journey of 5 boys in an all-girls school prison where torture is different. The harsh life of the boys in the prison and their attempts to escape are blended in a humorous and fun manner.

Prison School Season 2 Possible Release Date (Coming Soon)

A few rumors were going around the community about Season 2 but no, NOTHING. However, when I say ‘NOTHING’, I mean that cancellations aren’t done either. Even if we haven’t got an official statement from any of the Staff Members. So the fans are optimistic and trying to find any clue for season 2. 

The second season has not been renewed, but it has not been officially canceled either. As mentioned above, the director told that he is willing to do the next installment of the anime series, so fans are hoping to hear positive updates in 2023 regarding Prison School Season 2.

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Prison School Season 2 Characters & Cast

Prison School Season 2 would still be focusing on the school and the characters within. There’s a chance that some new characters might end up showing in the narrative. List of characters:

Kiyoshi Fujino Hiroshi Kamiya
Takehito „Gakuto“ Morokuzu Katsuyuki Konishi
Jōji „Joe“ Nezu Daisuke Namikawa
Reiji „André“ Andō Kazuyuki Okitsu
Shingo Wakamoto Ken'ichi Suzumura
Mari Kurihara Sayaka Ōhara
Meiko Shiraki Shizuka Itō
Hana Midorigawa Kana Hanazawa
Chiyo Kurihara Chinami Hashimoto

What Happened to Prison School Season 2?

Now if the sequel does happen, what is going to be the plot for it? I am somewhat certain this idea might have struck your mind. So to quench the thirst, I would like to tell you what we can expect as a plot for Prison School Season 2.

The next season would focus on the underground student council. It may also target their punishment. As seen in the OVA from 2016, the story might also end up about our boy. Their relationships and experiences after coming outside the prison can be an easy plot device.

As simple as they may sound, these potential plot points can be elaborate in a hilarious fashion. The series could potentially bring in more sitcoms in their narrative. This can be accompanied by more character exploration and presentation.

Now that we have a general idea of the sequel’s potential plot, let’s take a look at some online reactions.

Prison School Season 1 Ending Explained

Endings are important for any anime since they open room for sequels. Let’s just revise the ending of Prison School. So basically, the students were proven innocent and put out of the bars. On the other hand, the Underground Student Council was put behind the bars because of their treatment of the boys.

Therefore, the guys started their new life in the school and the underground council got punished for their deeds. I feel that one of the biggest reasons why the anime hasn’t been renewed for the sequel is its ending.

The series had what I call a ‘Closure’. Simply put, with the ending that was given for season 1, a lot of viewers we’re fairly satisfied. Since many don’t even know there’s more to the story, they don’t ask for a sequel.

Since according to them, the anime is ended. If a sequel never takes place, it can be because the series never had anything to look forward to in the next season. Of course, you can desire more, but the story ended when the boys were freed from general viewers.

Thereon, they just continued their high school life. And this assumption is understandable. Thus, if the second season is on its way, the first season’s ending isn’t complementing it heavily.

Sales & Merchandise

Manga Sales

Prison School is an anime adaptation of Manga. Therefore, Manga sales are a crucial metric to take care of. The question is, ‘Did Prison School Succeed As A Manga?’

The answer is, ‘YESS!’. Just to give you (yes, YOU) a general idea about the success of Prison School anime, here’s a fun fact. As of March 2018, Prison School has sold over 13 MILLION copies of its Manga.

Blu-Ray/DVD Sales

So the first volume of Prison School had a great sales volume of 7,520. The drop in BluRay/DVD sales is understandable since fans now use streaming platforms instead. I mean come on, you wouldn’t have bought the Bluray, have you?

So yeah, the Blu-ray sales are good enough to promote another season. If the makers are wishing to make one, this wouldn’t be a problem. The merchandise makes a good profit.  There are over 90 figurines and 500 pieces of merchandise. Only 10% of all anime series get more.

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Is there any Trailer Yet?

Additionally, we don’t expect the trailer to drop anytime soon. If any new update happens, we’ll let you know.

Where to Watch Online?

Fans who have watched the show and want to be able to watch it again with subtitles may wonder where we can find the English dubbed version of Prison School. So you can watch this anime on Gogo anime .

End Note

Overall, Prison School Season 2 has a respectable chance of occurring. Sales, accolades, and critical acclaim are all pointing in the right direction. You may now read the original manga by purchasing it.

Frequently Ask Question About Prison School Season 2 (FAQ)

  1. Will there be Prison School season 2?

    The absence of sequels is the only problem with anime like Prison School. Even 20 million years later, there is no Season 2. But we are admirers! We never give up on the things we value and adore.
    Additional References Regarding Prison School Season 2.
    29 October 2019 is the English release date for volume 28.

  2. Why was Prison School Cancelled?

    Sadly, Prison School's intriguing premise and provocative tone were insufficient to increase its appeal for a second season. This is largely because Prison School failed to boost manga sales to a level that would have justified their return to television.

  3. Is Prison School canceled?

    Prison School Season 2 has yet to get any official word from the anime series' creators, despite the fact that it has gained widespread popularity and received many favorable critical reviews. It hasn't, however, been postponed either. Akira Hiramoto, the author of Prison School, is also starting a new manga that will debut in March 2022.

  4. Does Hana like Kiyoshi?

    Hana had a crush on Kiyoshi at this point, and it was very obvious in the story. In an effort to further ingratiate herself with Hana, Student Council President Kate Takenomiya urges Hana to join the cheerleading squad, which Hana grudgingly accepts

  5. Who does Kiyoshi Fujino end up with?

    Eventually, the cavalry match ended up a tie and caused the destruction of the prison. As a result of his behaviour at the Sports Festival, Kiyoshi was excluded from school and had to return. He strengthened his resolve to make his love confession to Chiyo on the day of the BBQ.