Osamake Season 2  is one of the most anticipated romantic-comedy anime which aired in the Spring of April 14, 2021.  Besides, the series ended on June 30, 2021, after running for a total of twelve episodes.

Osamake a popular anime series is known as Osamake: Romcom Where the Childhood Friend Won’t Lose is on the list below. We’ve discussed the show’s renewal status, release date, characters, and narrative.

This is based on the light novel series of the same name written and drawn by Shichi Nimaru and Ui Shigure, respectively. It has also been serialized in the seinen manga magazine Monthly Comic Alive from Media Factory starting November 2019, with artwork by Ryo It.

Fans are getting desperate to see its second season, especially after hearing the rumor about its renewal. It has only been months since the completion of the anime’s first season, but there is already a great demand for a second installment. Here is everything to know. 

Osamake Season2 Release Date

Currently, the studio or makers has no official confirmation for the renewal of Osamake Season 2.

In addition, sales of variants and interest in anime were also enhanced. More than 50,000 people have given the anime Osamake a rating of 6.31/10 on MyAnimeList, making it one of the most popular. The show has a 5.9/10 rating on IMDb.

The first season ended only a little more than a year ago. Hence it’s too soon to expect a second season. Looking at the release schedule of Studio Kabo, they are set to launch four new titles in the year 2022.

Therefore, a rough estimate would suggest that the Osamake Season 2 release date could be mid-2023.

Osamake Season 2 Characters

In terms of the Season 2 characters, there hasn’t been much talk about them. Almost certainly, the same or some more supporting or side characters will appear in the next season, in addition to the regular main characters indicated above, and in the season after that.

  • Sueharu Maru, voiced by Yoshihitsugu Matsuoka
  • Shirokusa Kachi, voiced by Ayane Sakura
  • Kuroha Shida, voiced by Inori Minase
  • Maria Momosaka, voiced by Saori Nishi
  • Tetsuhiko Kai, voiced by Nobunaga Shimazaki
  • Mitsuru Abe, voiced by Takuma Terashima

Osamake Season 2 Expected Plot

The first season adapted till volume 4 and season 2 will begin with volume 5. Yen Press describes the fifth volume as such:

A Sueharu Maru fan club is formed. The heroines are the 5th joint front? Sueharu Maru fan club bombing!? Oh, I had such a hidden fan…! Cute girls are rushing in– This is the daily life of the Harlem hero!

If you think about it, Kuroha is the strongest childhood friend, and Shirokusa and Maria are high-spec girls that everyone envy. I’m happy just to get along with these three people… But! Fan club girls may let you do something.

Osamake Season 2 Trailer

Osamake Season 2, has no trailer, teaser or announcement of any sort as of yet.

Sales & Merchandise

Generally, a 12-episode anime television series usually takes about $ 3,000,000 to produce. Now, the series has reached 500,000 copies in circulation including the light novel, manga adaptation, and spin-off.

On average 200,000 – 400,000 is confirmed good so it is doing well enough in that regard. The Blu-ray/DVD is still to went to on sale but seeing the hype and pre-orders the number will easily reach 3k in short while.

In May 2021 the series was ranked #6 in Oricon’s Top Selling Light Novel Chart with over 28,700 copies.

Anime Series can promote a lot of products making it a booming industry. Some of the products which were sold as merchandise were:

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Where to Watch Online?

There were 12 episodes in the series. Outside of Asia, the series was licensed by Crunchyroll . The series will be streamed on Muse Asia’s YouTube page and Bilibili throughout Southeast Asia and South Asia.