If you are a game addict or like to play games like “Dungeons and Dragons”, “Planescape: Torment” or “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt”, you surely will love this show, HarmonQuest. Even if you are not a video game player like me, it will still amuse you with its comedic feel. 

So, if you still haven’t watched this show, I will suggest that you rather start watching it soon. It will be a relief from your boring time during this ongoing pandemic. 

HarmonQuest is an animated web series of American origin. The series was created by Spencer Crittenden as well as Dan Harmon. The show consists of live-action as well as animated features. The series features the creator of the show Dan Harmon, along with comedians Jeff Davis and Erin McGathy alongside Spencer Crittenden who is cited as the creator of the show and is also a game master. A game master refers to someone who organizes the game and sets the rules for the game as well as acts as an arbitrator. These four cast members enact a fantasy roleplay situation for each episode, in front of a live audience and each episode also features a guest celebrity star.

The series HarmonQuest falls in the genre of live improvisation. The executive producers of HarmonQuest are Dan Harmon, Joe Russo II, Spencer Crittenden, and James A. Fino. The producer is David Ichioka. The music is provided by composer Ryan Elder. The series currently has 3 series consisting of 30 episodes total. Each episode has a duration of 25 minutes.

How Many Seasons of HarmonQuest are there?

HarmonQuest was first aired on Season 1 in July 2016. The HarmonQuest Season 2 and HarmonQuest Season 3 aired in 2017 and 2019 respectively. It was later transferred to VRV Select in June 2016.

This amazing online show combined animation and live-action with a bit of comedy. It was produced by UCP (Universal Content Production). The comedians Erin McGathy, Jeff B. Davis, and the game master Crittenden along with Harmon are the main attraction. And in each episode, a new guest player is invited. 

Harmonquest Season 4 Plot

We can guess that HarmonQuest Season 4 will pick up the story where it was left in season 3. Hopefully, our heroes will continue their fight to reclaim the once peaceful world from the Demon realm.

HarmonQuest Season 4 Release Date

There is no official announcement up to now. But as it took a really long time to produce the existing three seasons, it can be expected season 4 is also taking that time. 

And given the popularity of this show, if it doesn’t get a renewed season, it will be a turn-off for the fans who were eagerly waiting for HarmonQuest Season 4. So, it is expected to be released in August or slightly later in 2023. 

The series is extremely popular among fans and critics and has received good reviews with a rating of 8.3 on IMDb. However, there has not been an official announcement for a possible season 4.

HarmonQuest Season 4 Characters

The main characters or the protagonists of HarmonQuest will most certainly be back in HarmonQuest Season 4. The characters and their roles are described below;

Dan Harmon, upon whom the series is named, played the role of Fondue Zoobag as a half-orc ranger. Erin McGathy portrayed the role of Beor O’Shift as a half-elf barbarian woman.

Jeff B Davis played the role of a goblin prince as Boneweevil. And Spencer Crittenden played various roles including The Game Master, Charles the Dragon, and others. 

And new celebrity guest players will arrive in the podcast to fulfill the show obviously.

What Happened In last Seasons Of HarmonQuest?

Earthscan was the hometown of the two popular characters Fondue Zoobag (Dan Harmon), a half-orc ranger, and Boneweevil (Jeff Davis), a goblin rogue. Beor O’Shift, a barbarian woman, came running to the village and asked for help to fight off the cultists. Northern, the mysterious knight killed Teflon and fled through a portal.

When the party was taken to the prison, they met Hawaiian Coffee (Aubrey Plaza) who was a gnome alchemist. He helped them to escape. At the end of HarmonQuest Season 1, they tried to seal the portal with the Manticore and succeeded but Boneweevil, the blue dragon, and Fondue’s dad got trapped inside.

In HarmonQuest Season 2, Fondue and Beor tried to free their friends from the demon realm and ended up trapped with them inside. Fondue found his lost magical bastard sword in the half-buried hilt. People named them the saviors of the realm from the Great Manticore.

Celty besieged the party but they were saved by Charles and Sandy (Robb Corddry). The boundary between the material plane and the demon realm was collapsing very fast. Celty, before dying by Fondue’s final shot, revealed that the only partition between the two realms was her obelisk network. Soon, the outside world became a hellscape. 

In HarmonQuest Season 3, the two realms were seen clustered together. Beor, Boneweevil with Fondue’s soul trapped in a sword were trying to find their way back. They made their way to the Barbarian village and found the Beast of Beginning.

Meanwhile, the party found themselves in the plane of Imperium Judgements and faced trial there. Then they escaped from there and ended up in the astral plane. They fought an old enemy with the help of an angelic guardian over the fate of the realm.

Harmonquest Season 4 Trailer

The season 4 trailer of HarmonQuest is not released since the series has not been renewed for a new season. Enjoy the HarmonQuest season 2 trailer here.

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Where to Watch Online?

The first season of  HarmonQuest  was released on the Season streaming platform. Since there was uncertainty about Seeso’s future, the show was then available for viewing on VRV Select streaming platform and No, HarmonQuest isn’t available on Netflix or Hulu.