Demon Slayer season 2 is being cancelled on social media and what controversies have the anime experienced in its second broadcast so far?

The popular anime series is used to these heated reactions from the fans. However, as we have reached almost halfway into the second season, many moments have been flagged as inappropriate by fans online. Considering that most of the core demographic of the series are underage, not everyone is comfortable with scenes from this series.

The world of anime is no stranger to controversy.

Whether it be large or small controversy, the global community is always up for a fierce debate online, especially when it concerns an incredibly popular title such as Demon Slayer.

The series has been in hot water multiple times before and as we reach the halfway stage of its second broadcast, several moments have been classed as ‘inappropriate’ by fans on social media considering the age of its core demographic.  

So, why is Demon Slayer season 2 being cancelled this time on social media?

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Why is Demon Slayer Season 2 being Cancelled Online?

To put it plainly, season 2 of the Demon Slayer anime series is being cancelled on social media because of the new character design for Nezuko Kamado.

After battling with Daki, Nezuko transforms into her ‘Awakened Demon Form’, losing the Bamboo gag, and gaining a single Demon horn and vine-like patterns on her skin.

The controversy starts with the view that Nezuko gains her adult body in this ‘Awakened Demon Form’ but is still wearing her smaller Kimono, leading to more skin being shown than many fans felt was appropriate.

In the anime adaptation, as the fictional character of Nezuko resides, she is either 14 or 15 years old in season 2 episode 13.

The new character design appeared to be the catalyst for the latest wave of cancellation calls online, with some fans expressing their disappointment at both the series and the response from other members of the community.

The prior social media post was followed by noting that “Demon Slayer Season 2 has SUCH great art there is no reason not to do better here.”

Popular YouTuber ForneverWorld recently spoke on the controversy in a video, explaining how “During the battle, her body started developing somewhat, and it caused a massive controversy in the anime community.”

The veteran anime commentator then shared how “People are talking left and right, like ‘Oh my god she’s only 14 or 15, why are they giving her these attributes?’ even though that’s been a common theme in anime since the dawn of time.”

In response, some fans have on social media have claimed that “She is not a minor in this phase [Awakened Demon Form]” – however, this has not been clarified in the original manga series.

At the time of writing, neither the Demon Slayer production team nor associate distribution partners have shared a response to the recent social media controversy.

This Is Not The First Controversial Incident In Demon Slayer Season 2

Interestingly, this is not the first time that Demon Slayer season 2 has found itself in hot water following a scene that fans deemed inappropriate for the series.

When we are first introduced to Lord Tengen, he is trying to take Aoi on his mission to the Entertainment District Arc. After being talked into taking Tanjiro, Inosuke and Zenitsu instead, Tengen jokingly spanks Aio.

This scene spawned a wave of negative posts on social media, with the Demon Slayer  Fandom  page for Aio noting the character is 16 years old, with  Right  being 23 at the time.

Similarly, when our three heroes arrive with the Sound Hashira in the Entertainment District, a slight controversy was generated from local subtitling.

In both the original Japanese audio and English subtitles, Tengen says that it’s “still too early” for Zenitsu to check out the ladies of the night surrounding them.

However, as reported by Comicbook, the Malaysian subtitles took a rather unusual turn, stating that Zenitsu’s genitalia “doesn’t even hair yet it is already horny.” As noted in the article, there are some local differences in slang translations, but the line from Tengen is still considered NSFW.  

This article will be updated if the is an official statement released on any of the described controversies involving Demon Slayer season 2 and its ‘cancellation’ on social media.

Why are people cancelling Demon Slayer season 2?

To put it in a few words, the creators disappointed people with the character design of Nezuko Kamado in the latest Demon Slayer episodes. Nezuko recently fought Daki in one episode. During that battle, she transformed into what is called the ‘Awakened Demon Form’. In this form, she lost the Bamboo gag, and got a single demon horn and vine-like patterns on her skin.

Now the starting point for this controversy is this very transformation. Even though Nezuko gains her adult body in this form, she is still wearing the same small kimono. Understandably, more of her skin is visible now, and according to many people, it is not appropriate. In the anime adaptation, she is 14 or 15 years old in season 2 episode 13.

I’ve taught classes of 9-12-year-old girls who all LOVE anime and think Demon Slayer is the coolest thing in the world, & if you think designing female characters like this isn’t sending them a weird message please touch the grass.

People defended the Anime for the whole Nezuko thing

“This is a staple in anime culture, whether you want to agree with it or not. Honestly, as I get older a little bit, I start to look at it in a different light, especially if they’re older people like they probably shouldn’t, but we got to remember that anime nowadays, you can argue is targeted towards older people.” A popular YouTuber ForneverWorld said on  YouTube .