Date A Live season 5 has just been confirmed to be in production as fans celebrate the end of another fantastic and emotional final episode.

Date A Live anime is based on a light novel series of the same name, written by Kōshi Tachibana and drawn by Tsunako. Light novels also received 5 manga adaptations by Kadokawa Shoten and Fujimi Shobo. The AIC Plus+ studio picked up the light novels for an anime adaptation, which was released in April 2013. The second season was produced by Production IMS, and aired in April 2014. The 3rd season was produced by JC Staff and aired in Jan 2019. Geek Toys produced the 4th season, which aired in April 2022.

While quite a few anime adaptations might spring from the medium of manga, there is an ever-growing number of television and movie projects that first got their starts thanks in part to light novel series. Such is the case with  Date A Live , the story of Shodi and his friends as they live in a world of “Spirits” as creator Kōshi Tachibana and illustrator Tsunako brought the series to life in 2011. With the fourth season recently drawing to a close following twelve episodes, the series wasted little time in confirming that season five was in the works, with the character designer of the franchise releasing new art to get fans hyped for the return of the franchise.

With the anime adaptation currently having over forty episodes under its belt, the series recently brought its story to an end in the light novel series,  Date A Live Encore , so it’s still up in the air when it comes to how many additional episodes and/or movies the franchise will release in the future. 

The character designer of  Date A Live , Tsunako, shared a brand new image of the series’ heroines while also confirming that a fifth season of the series was in the works, though there are still plenty of questions regarding where the series will venture next following the conclusion of the fourth season:

Thankfully, only a matter of minutes ago, the official Japanese website and Twitter page confirmed that Date A Live season 5 was now in production – here’s everything that fans need to know.

Date A Live Season 5 Confirmed to be in Production

A few minutes ago, the Japanese  Twitter  page and  website  for Date A Live confirmed that season 5 was in production. The post read “Date A Live V Production decision! TV animation 5th production decision!”

Alongside the announcement, the voice cast shared their thoughts about the fifth season being announced. Nobunaga Shimazaki (Shido) said “A fifth season is in the works! I’m so happy! I’m so happy! Thank you all! Thank you!
IV ended in a great place, but of course, V will be amazing. A parade of furious developments and foreshadowing! We hope you’ll be able to see it through to the end. Enjoy!”

“Congratulations on the decision to produce a fifth season! To be honest… when the decision was made for the fourth season, I was hoping that you would produce it until the end…? (laughs). Anyway, I’m very happy. With the addition of new characters in the fourth season, you’ve become a really big group. I’m deeply moved by the fact that we’ve been working on this project for so many months. I will continue to do my best while staying close to the characters, so please give me your support!” – Marina Inoue (Maria), via date-a-live4th-anime.

Asami Sanada (Kurumi) added “Finally, we’ve come this far…! That’s how I feel. Without your support, Kurumi might have been just a mysterious person (laughs). Thank you! From the last scene of the fourth season, the story is finally getting to the heart of the matter (although it has always felt like a climax). Please look forward to it!”

Whilst the renewal is indeed welcomed, there had already been reports online that this announcement would be made following the conclusion of season 4 domestically in Japan. Earlier this week, the Twitter page ‘SugoiLITE’ first shared a leak online, simply stating “Date A Live TV Anime Season 5 in production.” Follow-up reports from popular leakers in Japan itself, shared by the French page ‘DateALive_Fr’, also indicated that season 5 would be announced following the season 4 finale.

Ratings & Reviews

Then we have the view that Date A Live is easily popular enough to merit a fifth season. The anime is currently scoring a series average of 4.3/5 on Crunchyroll Reviews, but a rather underwhelming 6.9/10 on IMDB.

However, the fourth season has shown small improvements compared to previous installments. On both Anime-Planet and MyAnimeList, Date A Live season 4 is the highest-rated season of the franchise so far; with the latter scoring 7.83/10 with over 172,000 members.

Date A Live Season 5 Trailer

As the Date a Live season 5 trailer was recently released, the fans were delighted and dropped in comments expressing their amazement. Take a look. 

Sales & Merchandise

There has been a sale of more than 15,000 copies. DVD/Blu-ray discs , contribute to around 15-20% of the revenue for an anime series. This may sound un-profitable and also made many animes a failure.

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Where to Watch Online?

In the past, FUNimation has provided the English dubbing so it’s likely the English voice cast will return for the Date A Live Season 4 dub. Crunchyroll is streaming previous seasons and will likely stream the fourth season.