After the two seasons filled with action, Polygon pictures have left the fans hanging as it has been almost four years. Ajin Season 3 is one of the great Japanese animes. It is an adaptation of the manga series written by Gamon Sukai and illustrated by the talented Tsuina Miura.

Manga shook the fans with its launch on 7th March 2012. As it began to gain popularity, a film trilogy was introduced to fans in 2015 and 2016. Then season one of the anime did a ground-breaking entry on 16th January 2016, followed by the second season’s premiere on 8th October 2016.

Polygon pictures really did the audience dirty by releasing two seasons in the same year and then making us wait for four years. Anyway, read on, and you will get to know everything about the status of season 3. 

Ajin Season 3 Release Date

Despite having bought the all rights to premiere this anime as an original series, Netflix has yet to officially confirm that Ajin will have a third season. According to our analysis, there could be two reasons for the delay, season two indeed had an open ending, but it deviated from the manga.

Because the creators of the show diverged from the well-known manga in season 2, the plot of Ajin will have to be completely reworked for season 3. It could take some time to create a new season of an anime without using the manga as inspiration.

Yes, while season one exactly followed the storyline of manga, season two didn’t. This is why Creators cannot rely on the manga to continue the production, which could be a reason for so much wait. The second reason could be COVID-19.

This pandemic has hit almost every series and movie production. But we should not worry about it. Animes can take up to five years to renew. We are expecting the release of season 3 in 2023. 

Ajin: What would it be able to be About?

The protagonist of the story is Kei, who prior to things turning upside down only wanted to be a doctor and live a conventional but lavish life. He should have perished in an automobile accident, yet he survived, earning the nickname Ajin from onlookers. Ajin is an immortal entity that resembles the government’s victims. With nowhere to run, Kei was left with no option but to decide whether to help humanity or his fellow Ajin.

Class Season 3 Plot

Ajin: Demi-Human is what you get when you combine the appropriate amounts of action, dark fantasy, and supernatural thrillers. The protagonist of the story is Kei, who only wanted to become a doctor and have a typical but opulent life before having everything flipped upside down.

He should have died in a car accident, yet he lived and was given the nickname “Ajin” by bystanders. Ajin is somewhat akin to the government’s prey, immortal beings. Kei had nowhere to hide and was forced to choose between helping humanity or his fellow Ajin. We are not confirmed where the story will go in the third season as it is not entirely following the manga. 


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Ajin Season 3 Characters

Some of us like to watch anime in English while others want to listen to the original voice, and I am the latter one! The only thing I hate while watching anime is that I don’t understand Japanese. English dubbed version is also available on Netflix for those who like to watch in English.

There are quite many characters in the series, but there are four main characters. Ken Nagai is the protagonist with the voice of Mamoru Miyano. Satō, Kaito, and Nakano with the voice of Hōchū Ōtsuka, Yoshimasa, and Jun Fukuyama, respectively.

Ajin season 2 Recap Ending Explained

This whole conclusion was thrilling. Leading up to Kei’s amazing Multi-IBM beatdown, there was a lot of confusion and tension. I found it amusing that Satou was still able to secure equal rights for Ajin in spite of his setback. It appears that he ultimately managed to avoid being apprehended. It is absolutely impossible to stop this man.

Class Season 3 Trailer

The Fans have not yet had access to the Ajin Season 3 preview. Ajin was announced to be coming after the third season of the television program. it might not be released for some time. You can take some time to appreciate the season 2 trailer in the interim as you wait for the season 3 trailer to appear.

Sales & Merchandise

There has been a sale of more than 15,000 copies. DVD/Blu-Ray discs contribute to around 15-20% of the revenue for a manga series. This may sound un-profitable and also made many animes a failure.

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Where to Watch Ajin?

Only Netflix offers the anime series Ajin: Demi-Human as a streaming option. The Basic, Standard, and Premium plans for Netflix’s Australian audience start at $10.99, $16.99, and $22.99, respectively. Three distinct Netflix plans are now available to Canadians: Basic ($9.99/mo), Standard ($16.49/mo), and Premium ($20.99/mo).

End Note

We are aware that it can be challenging to wait for the release of the new season of your favorite anime, but we must also admit that creating an anime takes a lot of time and effort. We will provide all the information on your favorite anime that you can’t possibly miss. Keep checking back with us till then!

Frequently Ask Question About Ajin Season 3

1. Is there going to be an Ajin Season 3?

There is no official announcement about this yet.

2. Can Ajin Grow Old?

It is canonically accurate to say that Ajin ages.

3. Is Ajin Manga finished?

Yes, It already ended on Feb 5, 2021.

4. Is Demi-Human Real?

They are fiction and not real. Demi-Humans are simply not supported by any kind of scientific data.