Bethany & Sandy’s wedding, Prince Edward County.

Bethany-&-Sandy1Bethany-&-Sandy3Bethany-&-Sandy2Bethany-&-Sandy4Bethany-&-Sandy6Bethany-&-Sandy5Bethany-&-Sandy7Bethany-&-Sandy8Bethany-&-Sandy9Bethany-&-Sandy10 Bethany-&-Sandy11Bethany-&-Sandy13Bethany-&-Sandy17Bethany-&-Sandy14Bethany-&-Sandy15Bethany-&-Sandy16Bethany & Sandy's weddingBethany-&-Sandy21Bethany-&-Sandy19Bethany-&-Sandy20Bethany-&-Sandy23Bethany-&-Sandy25Bethany-&-Sandy22Bethany-&-Sandy24Bethany-&-Sandy27Bethany-&-Sandy26

2 Responses to “Bethany & Sandy’s wedding, Prince Edward County.”
  1. Anonymous

    Beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing

  2. Donna

    Love all the pictures. Great job, beautiful bride and good looking groom. I really liked the picture with the wedding party on the dock and the silhouette in the water. So nice to view these great photo’s of the couple. Looking forward to seeing more…..
    Thanks for sharing.

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